Full-stack engineer (f/m/x) at a promising PropTech startup

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Full-stack engineer (f/m/x) at a promising PropTech startup

Job description

We are currently looking for a full-time Full-stack engineer (f/m/x) that will join an ambitious start-up in Leuven (BE). This client is on a mission to keep buildings and spaces in a good, safe and clean condition by building a SaaS platform that allows to easily report, manage and fix problems within every space or building. 

As a mature engineer, you will play an important role in realizing the client’s ambition by producing quality code and preparing the platform for growth. You will join a small team of internal and external engineers, with chances to grow along with the company towards a leading technical role. You can count on a strong co-founding team with solid experience in building successful companies.

Our client is open to remote working but it is a bonus if you could visit the Belgium office from time to time. When you work remotely, there should always be at least half a day overlap with the working hours in Belgium (GMT-4 and GMT+4).

What will you be doing

We are looking for a full-stack engineer, ideally with an extra focus on the front-end to complement the more back-end oriented colleagues.

  • You design the overall architecture of the web application.
  • You maintain the code quality and ensure the responsiveness of applications.
  • You collaborate with the rest of the team to design and launch new features.
  • You maintain the code integrity and organization.
  • You convert mockups and designs to visual elements.
  • You will be co-responsible for implementing security and data protection.


!! Don't hesitate to apply if you don't fulfil 100% of the requirements. Superheroes don't exist, people with passion and talent do.

Soft skills

  • You like working in a start-up environment and you have some affinity with cloud-based SaaS platforms.
  • You know where information can be found and actively search for it. You can think for yourself and challenge the information you find. You document everything and in such a way that everybody can understand what is happening and why.
  • You are a social person that loves to take initiative.
  • Although you can work independently and efficiently, you like to work in a team environment. Once a group decision is made, you act as a team member by following the architecture, processes and coding standards as agreed upon.
  • Willingness to learn: we value a continuous learning & growth mindset.

Technical skills

  • Vue.js and JavaScript have no secrets for you.
  • You have experience with PHP (Laravel framework).
  • You have a solid understanding of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • You write readable quality code and know how to write meaningful tests.
  • You are familiar with the SOLID principles and know how to apply design patterns where needed
  • You know CI/CD
  • You have worked with AWS in the past.
  • There is no need to be a polyglot, but English is the working language within the company so we expect a working proficiency. (The co-founders also speak Dutch, French and Spanish fluently so if you want to have fun and mix things up, you're more than welcome!)

Bonus points

  • If you have the ambition to lead a team in the future, show yourself, and the client would be more than happy to support you in your ambitions.

  • You can have meaningful discussions and insights about the product and UX/UI.

  • You have experience with mobile-first designing, Tailwind CSS and/or Vuetify.

What you will be offered

  • Attractive salary depending on the seniority of the profile (in line with the market rates)
  • Stock option pool: long term commitment will be rewarded
  • The standard number of holidays (20)
  • A vibrant office environment in the centre of Leuven, plus the possibility to work remotely
  • A voice in the discussion of the future operations of the company
  • Additional benefits can be discussed 
  • Important: from a legal perspective, non-Belgian engineers are always hired as self-employed or independent workers

The client specifically encourages underrepresented groups to apply. They believe in the strengths of well-balanced, and mixed teams and hope their applications will attract a broader audience with regards to gender, religion, race, age, disability, linguistic differences, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.