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Technical product manager (f/m/x)

RemoteBelgium, Vlaams Gewest, Leuvenmadewithlove

Job description

We are currently looking for a full-time and experienced Technical Product manager (f/m/x) to strengthen our team. As a technical consultant at our clients, you will be in the front seat to drive the technical strategy and vision of startups and scale-ups and to build their teams from the ground up.

Madewithlove is a remote company from Belgium that helps start- and scale-ups in the tech ecosystem grow. Next to developing high-quality applications, we also shape our clients' teams and the way they work. At madewithlove, you will work on diverse projects for Belgian and international clients in and with hybrid teams.

Explore our website to look at who we already worked for and what kind of beautiful and talented people you will be working alongside. Read all about our company culture and what you get in return for all your hard work!

What will you be doing?

  • At the beginning of a project, you observe the client team and their processes, and you get to know the product or service of the client.
  • When the observation is done, you help the management define a technical short- and long-term strategy.
  • You organise the team (Product and/or Engineering), and you assist in hiring, onboarding, evaluating and developing team members throughout the project.
  • You are the final person responsible for all technical issues: architecture, tooling, development processes, documentation, infrastructure, etcetera.

Job requirements

! Don't hesitate to apply if you don't fulfil 100% of the requirements. Superheroes don't exist. People with passion and talent do!

Human skills

  • You protect our company values in and outside the company walls, and you politely speak out when they are not followed. You embrace diversity, inclusivity and (e)quality.

  • You have a passion for SaaS, ranging from start-ups to scale-ups and corporate ventures. You don't mind going the extra mile if needed, and you can manage your own time in a flexible environment.

  • You can develop a technical vision, mission and strategy for the client's product.

  • You can build teams aligned with the company goals by assessing and using people's competencies in the best way.

  • You do what you promise, and you take ownership of tasks. You always try to go for the best quality possible concerning timing and budget.

  • You always aim for quality, so you actively and consistently strive to expand your knowledge, both technical and non-technical. You like sharing your knowledge with colleagues and the world through different channels (blogging, presentations, group discussions, etc.). You are able to give others honest, constructive and actionable feedback. Credit is assigned accurately and generously.

  • You can communicate clearly, taking into account who your audience is. You are always honest, sometimes brutally so, but you are aware of the situation and always stay polite. You know which is the right channel for each message or question. Diplomacy is a crucial element of stakeholder management.

Technical skills

  • You have a thorough knowledge of modern software development, technologies, services and tools.

  • Ideally, you have been developing code yourself, and you know your way around in a codebase.

  • You can evaluate the technical architecture and infrastructure of a platform and make the right technology choices to take it to the next level.

  • You know the best practice development processes and policies and how to implement and maintain them while keeping the company culture in mind.

  • There is no need to be a polyglot, but English is the working language within the company, so we expect a working proficiency.

Bonus points

  • You have something valuable to add when discussing the product, UX and/or UI.

  • Conference stages feel like home to you, and you have been involved in open-source projects, or you organised events/meetups.

Also important

You live and work in the range of time zones UTC-05:00 and UTC+03:00. Since we already have people working in these time zones, stretching it further would make working together no longer efficient, in our opinion. If you are not a Belgian citizen, you will always be hired as an independent subcontractor.

What will you be offered?

  • Varied projects in a(n) (inter)national context where you can make a tremendous impact.

  • Remuneration in accordance with the Belgian market.

  • Flexible working conditions tailored to your personal life, giving you a real work-life balance.

  • Twenty-five paid holidays on top of all Belgian national holidays.

  • A yearly company retreat (if Corona leaves us alone).

Last but not least: the strengths of a good mix

We specifically encourage underrepresented groups to apply. We believe in the strengths of well-balanced and mixed teams. We hope our applications will attract a broader audience regarding gender, religion, race, age, disability, linguistic differences, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. Read more about our efforts towards a more inclusive and diverse environment.


You might think: "Damn, that team does not look like me at all". But let us be clear; we are searching for people that look like you!

Diversity and inclusion matters to us. Read more on this.